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Brian J Rill
The Poet Inspired

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Reply Elexis day
12:22 AM on October 1, 2011 
Rock on!!!!!
Reply txtdocc
6:42 AM on September 28, 2011 
Great fforumm! Thanx guys!
Reply dmkylanb1
12:45 PM on June 24, 2011 
hey here!! I'm a newbie here. hoping for the best.
Reply rsunlockd28
3:54 PM on April 29, 2011 
Hi to all community !
Nice forum.
10:09 PM on March 20, 2011 
'The New Religion' mini-gig for Emily was awesome! Thank-you!
Reply !_568Sanon _!
2:49 AM on January 29, 2011 
Really excited to be here, I've seen some good stuff on these boards. Hope I can contribute something of value!
Reply Tiffany
10:54 PM on September 21, 2010 
Hey there love the site!
Reply Parfume
6:29 AM on September 4, 2010 
Simply saving a little hello from bill parfume at Parfume
Reply Parfume
10:05 PM on September 1, 2010 
Merely leaving a little hello from lars parfume over from Parfume
Reply Brian
4:45 PM on August 24, 2010 
mbinalaf says...
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Thnaks Dude!
Reply mbinalaf
4:00 PM on August 24, 2010 
Hi nice to meet you all, my name is Alex , I'm from as Yonkers. Sweet site, I hadn't noticed before in my searches! Keep up the great work! Visit me at vintage barbie clothes
10:07 PM on October 29, 2009 
Your effing Web Store is AMAZING!!! I hope your soul is available for christmas cause I know what I want santa to bring me in my stocking!! Lunch sloppy joes sound pretty tempting as well though... I guess I will have to see how good of a girl I've been this year!!.
Reply Corine
9:33 PM on October 29, 2009 
Love is for REAL!!
Reply Corine
1:48 PM on May 7, 2009 
Stopping by to show some love & send some Mojo! MOJO RISIN!!!
Reply Audrey
10:00 PM on January 29, 2009 
You do awesome work-glad to know you. Audrey
Reply jesse willis
11:12 PM on January 23, 2009 
hey dude! i finally remember to hit up your website. I heard you played some of my stuff on your show. I want to check it out when I get a chance...........but i can't get khen in BV so i will try and get the stream online.....I will only be able to do one more open mic before I leave so I hope to see you there, when is your show on? and what's up with this band you speak of?
Reply Elia
10:24 PM on August 30, 2008 
I saw you at Julip's cafe :)
Reply Catrina Adell Leibseit
1:24 AM on July 29, 2008 
Dear Brian,
I just want to say thank YOU! For everything that you have done for me in the short amount of time that we have known eachother. You have brought the feelings of TRUE LOVE back into my life!!! It feels GREAT!!!

Sending TONS of LOVE, Catrina Adell Leibseit:lol:
Reply Doran
3:04 AM on July 9, 2008 
Damn, Brian!!! You are the man, bro! Your shit rocks big time!
Reply Pat
8:10 PM on July 8, 2008 
Always knew you would make it out here one day. Keep it up...the marketing works.8) Your talent is wonderful and always be shared. You Rock!
Reply Sarah
5:07 AM on May 2, 2008 
Nice page u got here..
grate music =)
Reply Jinx
6:54 PM on March 8, 2008 
your beautiful and you rock. Right On!!:wink:
Reply Tenley
11:05 PM on March 3, 2008 
Just wanted to say how awsome you are, keep it up
Reply Alexa
4:05 PM on February 11, 2008 
great music keep up the good work
Reply heather
7:39 AM on February 8, 2008 
you are so talented!!! keep the beautiful music comming....i truely enjoyed your song!
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