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Brian J Rill
The Poet Inspired

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Salida Citizen's Interview of Brian Rill voted "best musician 2009" 

Wild Iris Studio Profesional Photos In Salida, CO



Pete Kartsounes (blues/swing, jazz, folk, and bluegrass)
With many different musical influences, Pete has kept his own writing and sound very original. He has a unique musical expression and performs anything from blues to bluegrass and from folk to funk. His bluesy voice has a soft texture with a rough edge reminiscent of Joe Cocker or Chris Robinson.

Salida Cds

Peter Israel "Midnight @ The Palace Hotel"

Peter Israel (neo/classic, folk, rock,)


With many different musical talents, Peter has put his own blood into a CD with a very original sound. He has a unique approach to recording. Playing every instrument himself, programming the drumbeats and mixing the end tracks. All the while working penniless from his small room in The Palace Hotel, where he got the title for his new CD.


The Cd sounds like an old vinyl rock album its mixed with great dynamic sound. Israels music is experienced rather that heard. You can feel and almost see the images within the songs, "when your spinning in a free fall baby, and there is no net to catch your fall, Ill be standing there with arms unfolded, to catch you when you fall- Lose it all"


The album wavers from Neo/Classic Rock to Country to blues and folk all with an authenticity that only a great singer songwriter can produce.


Peter is a true artist and I give this Album Ten Stars the highest rating, because its an oasis in a desert of white noise.


aslo avalible live streaming over the net @ HTTP://KHEN.ORG


5-6pm   (Mountain Time)

Poetry & Stories w/ Brian Rill

Reading poems stories & plays as Diplomats of The Spoken Word.


Poetry & Stories

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