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Brian J Rill
The Poet Inspired

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                                    My music is like a healing journey, sometimes 

      healing is stumbly, We don't quite know how to heal...


AFM musician Brian Rill is an award winning 
singer songwriter BMI member who has stirred 
Salida's music scene over with a decade of 
hard rock folk while being voted Salida's 
best musician in 2009. 

His rich tenor voice is sought after among recesses 
of The Rocky Mountains. Recording four solo albums and also
accompanying acclaimed Colorado producer Don Richmond 
on the 2009 album "Waterflow." Brian Rill developed his craft 
while studying under the tutelage of late Salida legends 
William Boddy and Peter Israel.

A teacher and activist poet Brian Rill has gained 
Jongleur experience traveling through Colorado as a 
Bard while also gracing prevalent stages of numerous festivals. 

As a writer for Colorado Central Magazine 
he exposes local talent in his monthly column 
The Real Deal Music Review. 

Whether as country guitarist Billy-Bob in the off Broadway musical 
Always Patsy Cline or as the studio vocalist on a number of collaborations 
Brian Rill is a consummate professional and powerful performer. 

Brian J Rill: Waterflow


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